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Howard Jones Lyrics

All I Want
Always Asking Questions
Angels And Lovers
Another Chance
Assault And Battery
Back In Your Life
Black & White
Bounce Right Back
Brutality Of Fact
Change The Man
City Song
Collective Heartbeat
Cookin' In The Kitchen
Cross That Line
Dig This Well Deep
Don't Always Look At The Rain
Don't Get Me Wrong
Don't Put These Curses On Me
Don't Want To Fight Anymore
Dream Into Action
Everlasting Love
Fallin' Away
Fight On
For You, See Me
Fresh Air Waltz
Give Me Strength
Good Luck, Bad Luck
Guardians Of The Breath
Gun Turned On The World
Hide And Seek
Human's Lib
Hunger For The Flesh
Hunt The Self
I Must Go
I Remember
I've Said Too Much
If You Love
Is There A Difference?
It Just Doesn't Matter
Just Look At You Now
Kev's Song
Last Supper
Law Of The Jungle
Learning How To Love
Left No Evidence
Let It Flow
Let Me Be The First To Know
Let The People Have Their Say
Let The Spirit Carry Me
Life In One Day
Lift Me Up
Like To Get To Know You Well
Little Bit Of Snow
Look Mama
Love Is A Good Thing
Love's Never Wasted
Modern Man
Never Say Bye
New Song
No One Is To Blame
Not One Of The Lonely Tonight
Nothing To Fear
One Last Try
Over & Above
Pearl In The Shell
Power Of The Media
Revolution Of The Heart
Road To Cairo
Roll Right Up
Rubber Morals
Shine Through
Show Me
Sleep My Angel
Someone You Need
Step Into These Shoes
Stir It Up
Tears To Tell
The Balance Of Love
The Presence Of Other
The Prisoner
The Voices Are Back
Things Can Only Get Better
Those Who Move Clouds
Tomorrow Is Now
Two Souls
Wanders To You
We Make The Weather
Wedding Song
What Can I Say?
What Is Love?
Where Are We Going?
Why Look For The Key
Will You Still Be There?
You Are Beautiful To Me
You Can Say It's All Over
You Know I Love You... Don't You?
You Say
You're The Buddha